Proposal for a harmonised procedure on the Environmental Impact Assessment and licensing guidelines for geothermal development in Europe

In this page, two different documents about a harmonised framework on licensing and impact assessment for geothermal projects in Europe are presented.

These Geothermal Guidelines aims to harmonise the regulatory framework for more efficient licensing and environmental impact assessment procedures in Europe. Coordination between the European Union regulators and the Member States is crucial to exchange best practices from industries and other key stakeholders, and to allow for a streamlined regulatory framework that is essential to accomplish new geothermal developments and achieve the European Green Deal goals.

This report provides recommendations for drafting guidelines for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for deep geothermal projects, drawing upon the experiences of the authors and the development in Europe, taking into account the present legislation, national and European, regarding the EIA. The document aims to help prepare quality EIA reports, ensuring that the best possible and complete information is made available during the decision-making process.

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