Geothermal energy for EU islands

Many European islands lay on volcanic areas, therefore possessing large amounts of geothermal resources. Other islands have potential for low and medium temperature.

> Geothermal energy could provide islands with A STABLE, SUSTAINABLE, AND AFFORDABLE ENERGY SUPPLY. Acknowledging indigenous, flexible, and renewable energy sources, including geothermal, and integrating them in the energy system is crucial to allow European islands to move away from unsustainable forms of energy and to strengthen
their resilience.

> Geothermal energy is not just electricity. It can be used for a WIDE VARIETY OF PURPOSES, such as: space heating and cooling for hotels and other facilities, greenhouse heating, underground energy storage, agriculture drying, desalination, industrial uses, snow melting, road de-icing, balneology, etc.

> Geothermal projects can offer competitive solutions both for industries and buildings, especially with INTEGRATION INTO SMART THERMAL GRIDS. Innovative district heating and cooling systems can be sizable to supply urban areas even at lower temperatures and are more efficient for cooling in hot summers. Geothermal energy is not dependent on climate, therefore able to cover energy needs all year round.

> GEOTHERMAL IS A LOCAL RESOURCE THAT FOSTERS LOCAL DEVELOPMENT. It creates bot direct and induced employment, through ad-hoc industries such as the agro-food industry (greenhouse heating, agro-drying). It also boosts tourism through recreational uses such as for bathing and swimming.

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