75% of EU Building Stock is energy inefficient meaning that buildings hold untapped potential for renewables and energy efficiency. Such improvement would undoubtedly add to decarbonising the EU economy and ensuring security of supply and cost savings to many households across the EU. Shallow Geothermal Energy Systems (SGES) is stable, reliable and renewable source of energy.

Some of its key features, in comparison with RES include:

• Available and applicable everywhere
• capable of providing both heating and cooling
• high efficiency in cooling

Borehole Heat Exchangers applying SGES technology are currently installed in over 1,4 million sites across the EU with combined capacity of over 16,500 MWth

Why do we need to develop this technology further?

• unlock the great potential of geothermal energy sources
• gain competitiveness and increase awareness
• penetrating further the market of building construction and renovation

*District Heating and Cooling needs improved heating and cooling storage technologies which could largely benefit from enhanced Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES) technologies.

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